Pretty Ukrainian Woman Ekaterina from Kiev, Ukraine

I am often told to be a kind, sociable, loyal, calm and affectionate girl. I lead an active, busy and healthy lifestyle. I have many good friends. I`m very romantic inside, and I know that true love will find me for sure someday, because I believe that I was born under a lucky star. I am a determined person and I am ready to do much to achieve my goals. In my dreams I see myself as a successful woman, with a loving man next to me. I will become a reliable support for him, being true to my partner. I love life and I enjoy every minute of it.

Pretty Ukrainian Woman from Kiev, Ukraine

First of all,I should tell you that I am a family person.I adore comfort and order at home, so when I have a minute I dedicate myself to planting, decorating, cooking and even embroidering. One can tell that I am from the old school, as all modern ladies travel a lot and perhaps hang in the clubs or many other things besides spending time at home. I am sure I will try all kinds of things with my future beloved one. In my free time I like also to dance and listen to music. My life without melodies and harmonies would be dull and totally empty. Listening to and playing different tunes helps me to de-stress, relax and it can also help to motivate me into everything. I think that for every person music is like the memories to life. My best singers are Elton John and David Garrett. What is more, I like to make photos, not only of me, but of my friends and relatives. I like to perpetuate the moments of life in the pictures that I take. Photo is something more than a simple image for me. It is memory and emotions.

I am a person that searches true love and that`s why I`ve decided to register here to seek for my second half and destiny. When the world is no longer romantic, I still believe that my man should be faithful and loyal in any aspect, kind and attentive to me. I believe there is no perfection and I am not looking for it. He can have some bad habits and disadvantages, but what I want is to feel that this person is my special one, my soulmate. I do not want a superman or attractive model, my man will be always the best for me, no matter how he looks and what he does. I am looking abroad, because I know you have other views on life, principles and treatment of a lady and kids. I do not look on the date of man`s birth anymore, so I am not against if my man will be older than me, more experienced and wiser.

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Pretty Ukrainian Girl – Anastasia from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

I think I’m a very goal-oriented, serious, loyal and responsible young lady and I know very well what I want from life. I am very optimistic person and I always see the glass half full. I try to get everything good out of life. I am very active person and go in for sports regularly. I am divorced and I have a little baby. I like going for a walk with my son and enjoy the outdoors. I am also a romantic person and like cozy evenings at home, espacially with my beloved.


My interests are arts, animals, literature and computers. I like travelling, to go dancing very much, to spend time in nature and I like to have an active rest.

As for personal jrelations, I’d like to have a happy and strong family, and a loving husband, whom I could not live without, who’d be my best friend, confident and lover. I’d love to care about him, and to create a cozy home for us. I am searching for a responsible and serious man who is faithful. I want to build a strong and loving family with children. I have a lot of tenderness and warm feelings to spend on my man.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Woman – Valeriya from Zhytomir, Ukraine

I am artistic, kindhearted, strong in every thing, pretty, sporty and always laughting lady. To tell you the truth I am very impatient and imperturbable. I`m a lark that’s why I get up early. I can`t say that I am a leader but I am not standing at the end. I like to work and I am hard-working woman both at work and at home. I like when its clean. I`m always the same and I don’t like to put the mask on my face. I have a mild character and I like silence.

Beautiful Ukrainian Woman

I like music very much. That’s why I play piano. I like modern music, especially house music. Also I like classic music. At childhood my dream was to become a trainer of dogs. I like dogs. And one of my hobbies is to collect photos with the dogs. Best of all I like films. I have a big collection of disks and I like to come home put on dvd and watch my favourite moves. Also I like to read. I like classic authors and modern ones. I spend a lot of time by the computer. I like internet and I like to find useful and necessary information for me. Also I like to spend time outside.

My man should be interesting, clever person with whom I can talk about everything and who can listen to another person. Smart, kind, intelligent, handsome, organized. He must not be silly and indifferent to problems of other people with good sense of humor. He mustn’t break hearts to all woman he must break only my heart. Also he must help me with cleaning our home. He must be a good father.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Woman – Nadezhda from Kiev, Ukraine

As you can see, I am not a top model and I can add that I do not have a PhD in science. I am just an ordinary girl who may become special for you due to her affectionate soul, loving and kind heart and romantic spirit. I am the kind of girl who likes pizza and who likes to listen to good music. For me, an ideal way of spending time together is sitting at the beach under the moon, and saying the words of love to each other.  I do not expect my soul mate to be a Super man and a millionaire. I just want him to be able to see my inner beauty and my sensuality.

Treffen Russische Frauen

I enjoy reading and i like watching movies, especially about the Rome Empire. My favorite movies are Troy, Spartacus, and The Brave Heart. I also like reading books on Psychology and Astrology. I like to eat healthy, to exercise and to keep in shape, so fitness, massage and sauna help me with it. Of course, I love my work and try to develop myself as a professional. My motto is a quotation by Abraham Lincoln: I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.

My biggest dream is to find a tender, intelligent, loyal and caring man with a kind heart who will accept my love and give me an ocean of feelings and love. Material is not important in life. To me, the most important thing is a person’s soul and harmony in feelings. My life goal is to be happy every day and share happiness with my beloved man.

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Beautiful Russian Bride – Olga from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

People who are close to me say that I am a modest person. I like kind, caring and sincere people. I simply adore children and I can spend endless time in their company. I cannot withstand bethrayal and lies. I like open, sincere and sympathetic people. I am a romantic person and I am always happy when I see romantic people.

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When I have free time, I like to spend it in different ways. As mentioned, I like to have fun with children. Some of my hobbies are: watching a good movie, reading about psychology and practicing my culinary skills 🙂 I am a good cook and I can say that I am an expert in cooking healthy and tasty dishes.

I am 33 and I would like to meet a man between 32 and 46 years old. I see my Chosen man as a successful man in all spheres of life and a man who loves children. I wish that my man will know how to appreciate his woman’s kindness and spoiling attention – and that he will return it. I appreciate a man who is reliable, cheerful and a one-woman man.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Bride – Elena from Sumy, Ukraine

Believe it or not, my life is like a very interesting novel, that I write every day with my sensitive soul and my curious heart. My eyes reflect my inner world with its victories and defeats and I am not afraid or shy to show my nature. I truly believe that only being natural and sincere it the way that we can encounter love. I never feel bored and lonely because I have many interests and hobbies which fill my free time with pleasure and enjoyment. Even if I am not involved in some activities, in my mind, I already plan something new and exciting. It is a pity that in modern world we do not have much time for inner development, because too often, we are in a hurry and hardly find time to ask ourselves if we are really happy. But, how can we fall in love when we do not know ourselves? I definitely know that I am kind, loving, tender, sensual, loyal, attractive, determined, creative, life-loving and easy-going. My mind is open wide and I am not afraid of meeting new people and to live new adventures. Even being so active-minded, I always find time to make my home cozy and warm, filling it with my care, tenderness, loe  and laughter.

Beautiful Ukrainian Bride

I really can not imagine my life without sports adn keeping active. I love engaging into exercising, jogging, swimming and taking walks in the nature. With my friends, we enjoy being outdoors and every time we meet we always find something interesting and exciting to do together and keep up our communication.

I am 28 and looking for a nice and caring man between 30 and 45. I wish him to be different, but never dishonest. I like a man who can be sometimes weak, but never aggressive. I see him walking with a smile on his face holding my hand tenderly and – why not: kissing my lips with desire and passion. I wish him to be attentive and responsible, life-loving and active and not afraid of sharing his doubts, concerns and fears with me, because there are no such strong people in this world and I believe that a strong heart does not need love. I dream to talk or stay silent with him for hours and to share the warmth of our bodies and souls for eternity.

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Beautiful Russian Woman – Marina from St Petersburg, Russia

About myself, I can say that I am an open-minded and tender woman who comes with a great sense of humor. I am sociable and communicative and I am loyal, caring and family-oriented. My soul is full of emotions and I want so much to share them with my special man. I can also say that I am responsible, creative, friendly, easy-going and understanding.

Belle femme Russe

You may find this strange but one of my greatest hobbies is my work and I enjoy it. But at the same time, I try to find time for my soul and my body. I go to the gym for yoga regularly and do my best to stay fit. I have many friends and I like to meet them – sometimes we all get together and sing karaoke. I am interested into fashion and I like traveling. I also like to listen to music and sometimes I go to the cinema.

At 38, I want to meet an honest and responsible man, ideally between 30-45 years old and his children are welcome. I want him to be tactful and loving – a unique man only for me. I want to have more children in the future.

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Sexy Russian Girl – Zoya from Odessa, Ukraine

Schöne russische Frau

People near me say that I am a tender, sensitive, loving and caring person – espacially with the peopole I love. I am also told to be a funny girl with perfect sense of humor 🙂 for sure, people around me are always smiling and laughing. My nature is dreaming and romantic and I am very naive. I am an optimistic and purposeful person and I am always ready to help other people in the need.

When I have free time, I like reading, traveling and to be lisenting to the music. My favourite music are modern and the classical. I love my profession a lot and I would like to improve my skills and knowledges in this field. I enjoy to go to the theatres, cinema and to visit museums. I adore the nature and to spend time outdoors.

I’m 25 and I am looking for serious man between 25 and 35 who wants to have a family soon, preferably with children. He should be very honest, faithful, optimistic, reliable, intelligent and not rude. He should also be able to appreciate a woman’s

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Single Russian girl Elena from Grodno, Belarus

Pretty Belarus woman from Grodno

I am looking for my second half. He should be between 28 and 46 years old. I imagine my partner to be a serious and kind-hearted man, who possesses kindness, sincerity and reliability. I would like him to be intelligent, full-hearted, considerate, caring, supportive and friendly, with good sense of humour and positive outlook.

I have a soft character. I am flexible, tender and affectionate, dynamic, energetic, compassionate. I am open-minded, sincere, sociable, optimistic, accurate and caring. I consider myself as being romantic person.

I adore sport, swimming and dancing. I like to spend time cooking, making comfort at home and taking care of children. Also I enjoy travelling, going to the country and watching nature. I also fond of reading the books and watching movies.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Girl Kristina from Kharkov, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Girl from Kharkov, UkraineI am 25 years old (or young :)) and I am looking for a life partner aged between 27 and 42 years old (young :)) He should be intelligent, easy going, caring, loyal and decent – a good sense of humour is always a plus. He should want to have children with his future wife.

I′m a kind, intelligent, decent, sensual and sincere woman. I′m also easy-going and friendly. I am very optimistic and I believe in true lifelasting relationship and love. I dream about a big house full of children running and laughing and a loving husband who will be not only my best friend but a great father to our children.

I have lots of interests and hobbies: I like riding, diving and travelling. My dream is to find my soulmate and if life is good to us; spend a lifetime travelling together!

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